We supply Modular Bolted Free Standing Panel system in TIMIK & MODIK brands. Modular Bolted system provides the most flexible solution possible. Width, height and depth as well as sizing and placement of any sub-sections are infinitely variable. Many space restrictions can be overcome by making angled or back-to-back arrangements.

Modular Panel System manufactured with latest technology, are very high quality and manufactured according to relevant international standards and practices.

They are manufactured in an ultra modern production plant installed with hi-tech, modern CNC machinery & Robotic machines.

Since all components are standard stock items, design changes or other modifications can easily be catered for during the assembly phase or on-site. Our Module is 220mm for TIMIK & 200mm for MODIK.

TIMIK & MODIK Modular Panel system can be used in many situations, where electrical panels are required to secure the operation of electrical system & equipment.

  • Main Switchboard (MSB)
  • Sub Distribution Boards (SDB)
  • Distribution Boards (DB)
  • Motor Control Centers (MCC)
  • Fixed Compartment Panels(Form 3 & 4)
  • Draw-out Compartment Panels and many other applications.
  • Process Control Panels
  • Signal & Control Panels
  • Console Desks
  • Capacitor Bank Panels